Saturday, December 29, 2007

expecto patronum!!

The Jail -- another weird restaurant opening in Taipei and TaiChung -- in which you eat in jail cells, and they handcuff you as you walk in. i hear the food is amazing though!

i think i really need to go try this next restaurant. the menu looks SO good, and it is ohhh so cheap. this huge chicken curry dish below -- only costs a total of 180NT... about $5. heh heh...

Thursday, December 20, 2007

hospital pun challenge!!!

MY lovely friend Lydia and I decided to have a pun battle today. the theme? hospital.

There are a lot of hospital-ish words below... so I apologize to those who may not get it.

Lydia: ooh we shouldh ave a challenge
i think i might have done this once or twice during college
me: hahaha
ok 5 minute challence.
the theme will be... hospital
Lydia: oh dang
me: i bed it's smooth saline now that the semester is over
Lydia: haha
i suck
me: i needle to buy lots of presents
Lydia: why can't i think of anything!!!!!!!
me: my body sucks
Lydia: gauze!
me: it's mophine into an old person
Lydia: well my boyfriend spends his whole day codeine so his body can't be much better
me: HAHAHAnot bad!
Lydia: stop steriling at my *****!
or lack thereof
me: well i need to stretcher my leg more
Lydia: poor baby. that sux
me: omg
Lydia: IV IV. you are jealous of me
me: when i make copies, i colace them
oh gosh
hospital is hard
Lydia: yeah
me: you can't make puns with stuff like... cardiovascular
Lydia: hahaha
me: i have a christmas cardio for you!
Lydia: i nicu-ed myself when i was shaving my legs
me: HAHA
well i nicu-ed my armpit
Lydia: hahaha
did you picu your nose too
me: you can watch me walk with a lymph when i come back
Lydia: nice
me: HAHA i'm going to micu come places with me
Lydia: haha
me: kodak momENT
oh snap they just called a code overhead
Lydia: can you drive or will i have to trach you around everywhere
me: someone coded at the starbucks downstairs
HAHA good one!
Lydia: wouldn't that be sad if they dropped the coffee on themselves
adding insult to injury
me: no i can drive
Lydia: well when you get in you will have to CALL me
so we're on the same page as to what fun stuff to do
me: shoot i'm slowing down
that should be my new exclamation
Lydia: what's ogtt
me: oral glucose tolerance test, what i do all the time
Lydia: oh that's right
me: urine your house right now?
Lydia: hahaha
me: ha!
Lydia: positive
oh we had a lecturer
who was making a joke about how to identify AIDS patients
when you pass the patient off to someone else
you give the next doctor a high five
me: haha
i may need you to come to my AIDS this next week
Lydia: TB or not TB helpful?
me: we'll make our rounds in phoenix to good food places
Lydia: you will definitely need AIDS when you go PPD on the airplane
wow that was really good
Lydia: why are we so nerdy
we're such dorks
me: i love it!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

why is healthcare so expensive?

today, i was informed by my insurance company just how much my surgery ACTUALLY cost. it is absolutely appalling!!

surgery, hospital fees, anesthesia and operating room fees: $33,767.27
lots of x-rays: $483
leg casts, and wheelchair: $978
blood tests: $473

only having to pay a total of $150 for everything because of my awesome health insurance:


Saturday, December 15, 2007

christmas time!

so these days... there is always a pile of RIGHT footed shoes in front of my door, as until recently, i was unable to wear shoes on my left foot. i took this picture, and i think it's funny.

the holidays are here! my friend abigail agrees. oooooooooo! :)

i can't wait to go home next week and spend 8 days eating, eating, seeing my lovely "8" ladies, and eating some more. :) it's been almost an entire year since i've been home, and i can't wait to go eat at Chino Bandido. for those who don't live in AZ... it is an amazing restaurant that is a cross between chinese food, and mexican food. amazing. spicy pollo diablo, with refried beans and pork fried rice and a quesadilla.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

second thoughts

if someone has been trying so hard to reach their dream, but just can't seem to reach it, is that a sign that it's time to move onto something else? is it just god's way of closing doors and opening others?

Monday, December 3, 2007

the cutest cat i have ever seen.

i want to steal it. This has convinced me that my next cat has to be a scottish fold.

this isn't blocked?!

i have unexpectedly discovered this morning, that blogspot is not blocked at work! this may pose as a severe procrastination/time waster in the future, since i hate my job and try all day to find ways to make the day go by faster.

this is lovely! i work in an extremely secured government building, where almost every website is blocked for national security purposes. i'm not even allowed to carry papers outside of this building. i am shocked that they have left this site unblocked.

maybe i shouldn't post anything from here. they are probably tracking my post as i speak.

Saturday, December 1, 2007


So i've decided that xanga is no longer cool. Hopefully i can write things that are more intelligent and actually matter. xanga just causes me to dumb down my entries.

with that said, i have included a picture of what my life is like these days. i am 8 weeks post-op, and still relying only on crutches and a wheelchair, which, after the initial 5 weeks of self-pity and depression, has actually turned out to be ok. i've learned to cook, wash dishes, do laundry, swiffer and vacuum the floor... all while standing on one leg, or deftly maneuvering in my wheelchair. and by deftly -- i do mean deftly. come watch me squeeze into tiny and impossible spaces in my wheelchair.