Thursday, December 20, 2007

hospital pun challenge!!!

MY lovely friend Lydia and I decided to have a pun battle today. the theme? hospital.

There are a lot of hospital-ish words below... so I apologize to those who may not get it.

Lydia: ooh we shouldh ave a challenge
i think i might have done this once or twice during college
me: hahaha
ok 5 minute challence.
the theme will be... hospital
Lydia: oh dang
me: i bed it's smooth saline now that the semester is over
Lydia: haha
i suck
me: i needle to buy lots of presents
Lydia: why can't i think of anything!!!!!!!
me: my body sucks
Lydia: gauze!
me: it's mophine into an old person
Lydia: well my boyfriend spends his whole day codeine so his body can't be much better
me: HAHAHAnot bad!
Lydia: stop steriling at my *****!
or lack thereof
me: well i need to stretcher my leg more
Lydia: poor baby. that sux
me: omg
Lydia: IV IV. you are jealous of me
me: when i make copies, i colace them
oh gosh
hospital is hard
Lydia: yeah
me: you can't make puns with stuff like... cardiovascular
Lydia: hahaha
me: i have a christmas cardio for you!
Lydia: i nicu-ed myself when i was shaving my legs
me: HAHA
well i nicu-ed my armpit
Lydia: hahaha
did you picu your nose too
me: you can watch me walk with a lymph when i come back
Lydia: nice
me: HAHA i'm going to micu come places with me
Lydia: haha
me: kodak momENT
oh snap they just called a code overhead
Lydia: can you drive or will i have to trach you around everywhere
me: someone coded at the starbucks downstairs
HAHA good one!
Lydia: wouldn't that be sad if they dropped the coffee on themselves
adding insult to injury
me: no i can drive
Lydia: well when you get in you will have to CALL me
so we're on the same page as to what fun stuff to do
me: shoot i'm slowing down
that should be my new exclamation
Lydia: what's ogtt
me: oral glucose tolerance test, what i do all the time
Lydia: oh that's right
me: urine your house right now?
Lydia: hahaha
me: ha!
Lydia: positive
oh we had a lecturer
who was making a joke about how to identify AIDS patients
when you pass the patient off to someone else
you give the next doctor a high five
me: haha
i may need you to come to my AIDS this next week
Lydia: TB or not TB helpful?
me: we'll make our rounds in phoenix to good food places
Lydia: you will definitely need AIDS when you go PPD on the airplane
wow that was really good
Lydia: why are we so nerdy
we're such dorks
me: i love it!

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