Saturday, December 15, 2007

christmas time!

so these days... there is always a pile of RIGHT footed shoes in front of my door, as until recently, i was unable to wear shoes on my left foot. i took this picture, and i think it's funny.

the holidays are here! my friend abigail agrees. oooooooooo! :)

i can't wait to go home next week and spend 8 days eating, eating, seeing my lovely "8" ladies, and eating some more. :) it's been almost an entire year since i've been home, and i can't wait to go eat at Chino Bandido. for those who don't live in AZ... it is an amazing restaurant that is a cross between chinese food, and mexican food. amazing. spicy pollo diablo, with refried beans and pork fried rice and a quesadilla.


D said...

Oh my goodness... Chino Bandito... I am SO jealous!!!!!!!

two fish said...

chino bandito? i thought it's a gang of chinese friends you hang out with back home. . . . i'm glad that your life is all about food, just like mine. merry christmas!

Jeff C said...

Haha, I came over from Hungry Girl in Taipei and saw your blog. I live in AZ and I've always heard of Chino Bandito, so now I'm more willing to try it out.
Cool posts on the prison restaurant. I'll have to look it up when I get to Taipei.