Saturday, January 12, 2008

so much to do, so little time.

these days, i'm coming closer and closer to being able to walk again. it's so weird to think that it's already been over 3 months since i last walked... but yet i've managed to live a pretty normal life, even without walking. i still manage to vacuum, to cook, to swiffer, to do laundry, etc. even when i do walk again, it's not going to be me tearing through philadelphia on my usual explorations, mind you, it's going to be a few steps at a time; a hallway, a block, 2 blocks, then maybe even the stairs.... but i shouldn't get too ahead of myself.

the prospect of me walking has me.... burning with a desire to do all these crazy things...seeing people jogging in the city has me both envious, and stupidly angry at random strangers, just because they can run and i can't. and it's frustrating to know that it will be months or maybe even years before i can do them again. this morning, i gingerly took 3 steps (without my crutches) from my bed to my desk. i was SO HAPPY that i wanted to cry. but again, i shouldn't get ahead of myself. it was only 3 small, halting steps, and it was quite painful.

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