Wednesday, January 9, 2008

felt companions!

So, I have recently decided that instead of watching TV after work, I would put my hands to use and create some new friends :) As much as I want to keep these new friends, They will be going to some of my dearest friends, as goodbye presents before I leave Philadelphia.

First, let us meet Mr. Cookie. My inspiration was the Japanese cartoon Domokun, and these felt stuffed animals/creatures that were selling on South Street for like THIRTY dollars?!! heck no!! So I thought, Shoot, this is easy. I'll just start creating my own brand of stuffed felt/sock creatures. In about an hour, this is what resulted. I should charge $30 for these too.

Mr. Cookie is coming! Rarrrrrgh.


he also has other friends, including a white radish (luo-buo) a.k.a. daikon, and a sock monkey. Anyone else have any suggestions of food items or anything cool that i could make? I am unfortunately not taking any orders. haha. if you want one, make your own. i should sell these for a hefty price in Taiwan this summer.


Anonymous said...

cute! :) hope you're doing well. when do you go back home?

dancing said...

Yay for crafts!!! I still have my Brown Bear that I made from brown plaid fabric at your parents house one time. Karen made a dachshund (sausage dog) from the same material and I thought you made something too (?). Anyway, your felt companions are cool! Oh, and L has a Domokun cell phone charm! =)

Angela said...

hahha that is sooo adorable! you should make those virus dolls.

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