Tuesday, February 26, 2008


anyone following the scandal that's rocking the HK entertainment industry?? Edison Chen ... one of the foremost actors/singers/producers in HongKong was stupid enough to take a ton of sexually explicit photos and videos of him engaged in various obscene activities with several of Hong Kong's biggest female stars. his PINK macbook broke down, so he brings it to a local shop, where the workers find hundreds of these photos and videos and then proceed to post them online.

how stupid can he be? way to ruin your career and the careers of many others! even if you are stupid enough to take all these photos, why would you store them in any easily visible place on your computer? ugh. makes me sick. maybe these things are readily acceptable in America (i.e. paris hilton, lindsay lohan, britney, pam anderson), but this is definitely unacceptable in Asia. i don't think anything when i read about American stars doing this stuff, but when i heard about Edison Chen... i seriously feel shame on his behalf.

It even made it to the NY Times.

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Tiffany said...

i don't think it's his fault though.