Sunday, February 17, 2008

family is best!

here i am, at 1:38am, sitting in Summit, NJ.  I spent the weekend here with my sister and her awesome other half, Mr. D.  I can't help but be amazed at how quiet it is here in suburbia... it's not that i miss the blaring sirens, the chinese drums, medical helicopters, barking dogs, angry car horns and occasional drunken screams of Chinatown, Philadelphia... but i strangely have found that i can't fall asleep here because it's just ... too quiet.  ironic.  i don't have my usual lullaby of fire engines, cop sirens and septa buses to lull me into my city-sleep. 

i've done nothing this weekend but eat. korean bbq. fresh japanese bread with black sesame spread. pot roast with potatoes. biscuits and gravy. artichokes. heirloom bean and vegetable stew. couscous. ice cream.  yum.  and my thighs begin to expand.  

eat... and watched the 3rd Lord of the Rings, which i actually never saw.  AMAZING!  all 4 hours of the extended-extended-super-long version.  

family is the best.  doing nothing but eating and having fun with family is even better. 

on an unrelated note; it was finally determined that my last day of work would be March 21st.  2 years at Penn, with this last year as a senior coordinator -- finally over!  2 years of working has passed surprisingly fast.  Done with the job on march 21st.  First week of April -- moving all of my stuff out to a new and fresh city.  Second week of April, saying my goodbyes and moving out of Philadelphia for good.   

it's all been so fast. 

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